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If you are looking for a good email marketing service, I have tried many of them. I have tried at least Constant Contact, AWeber, iContact, RatePoint, Vertical Response.

In fact, I have used Constant Contact, AWeber and iContact for a long time. All of them have been making improvements on a consistent basis.

The best thing about Constant Contact was the email editor. It was the best hands-down. However, iContact has just upgraded their Message Builder and it is pretty good.

In the past, I have found Constant Contact to be the best for regular (ie weekly, monthly) email  newsletters, and AWeber for auto-responders.

However, now that iContact has upgraded their Message Builder, I recommend iContact for all email marketing services. It is now a good service for both regular newsletters as well as for auto-responders.

Wise Internet Solutions

ps Note that the above link is an affiliate link, so I get paid a small percentage of any subscriptions purchased through that link. However, I do not recommend anything that I wouldn’t use myself.

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