Bidsketch: Proposal Management Made Easy

Hi guys – just wanted to take a minute to tell you about a new product that we’ve just started using to make things easier for you and us.

For several years, our company worked exclusively with paper contracts. We would design and print contracts and then ask our clients to sign a paper copy, which would then be filed. This created a lot of extra work and time, not to mention the inconvenience of having to carry around and then file paper contracts. Plus, since the contracts were filed in our company records, we couldn’t access them remotely if we were traveling or out of the office.

We soon realized that we needed a better solution to managing contracts and proposals. We found that solution in product called Bidsketch. Bidsketch is a full proposal management system used by thousands of web design and marketing agencies across the world.

I love a lot of things about Bidsketch, but here’s a few of my favorite features and benefits:

1. Pre-written sections and contracts

This is by far my favorite feature of Bidsketch. The team has taken the time to write dozens of sections that can be added to contracts with a few clicks. This has saved me so much time in preparing proposals.

2. Online contract signing

This is another great feature. Instead of having to meet in person to sign contracts and then file the paper copies, clients can sign the proposals in about 30 seconds with Bidsketch’s extremely user friendly interface. I’ve had three clients sign Bidsketch proposals electronically, and all of them have been happy with the experience.

3. Professional design and format

Simply put, Bidsketch looks and feels professional. They have numerous visual templates you can select for displaying your proposals, all of which are clean and professionally designed. Needless to say, a lot better than Microsoft Word.

4. Ability to track client activity

Bidsketch shows you when clients view or sign your proposals. There’s no need to guess if the client is ignoring you, and you know exactly when to follow up! Bidsketch gives you a great inside scoop.

5. Full support and advice from the Bidsketch team

This is another amazing aspect of using Bidsketch. The team is extremely easy to contact for help and support, no matter what your question or problem. They also frequently send out advice articles or tips to get more out of Bidsketch. Recently, they’ve even had a few free webinars on proposal writing and marketing that have been excellent.


In summary, Bidsketch is absolutely worth the small fee per month. They offer three levels, for $29, $79, and $149. The starter level will work if your company is just starting out, but I would recommend the Team level. That’s $79 per month, which may seem like a lot, but in reality Bidsketch pays for itself. We’ve saved hundreds of hours in just the two months we’ve been using Bidsketch, and we’ve signed multiple new clients through them. It’s well worth the expense.


(Note: We received our Bidsketch subscription for free in exchange for writing an honest review of the service.)

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